5 Tips for transitioning to remote work environments

//5 Tips for transitioning to remote work environments

5 Tips for transitioning to remote work environments

With more and more companies needing to transition to remote work options due to the Coronavirus, we thought it would be good to share tips for transitioning to remote work environments based upon our experience over the years. 

Test, test, test 

Your time is valuable and your time with your peers, clients and employers are equally important. Make sure your plan for virtual connection is ready before your meeting.

Account for non-verbal communication

Whether you realize it or not, much of your communication is non-verbal. Even if you are using a camera, hand gestures, facial expressions, and posture are more difficult to express or decode virtually. You may need to address this deficiency with more verbal communication or follow up written communication.

Consider the cost of distractions

Virtually connecting with others is so easy that it’s tempting to use that ability any time we have a thought to talk to somebody.However, make sure you are not inundating others with these distractions. Distractions are time, and time is money. Not only that, there is also the time it takes to refocus.

Don’t wait to establish clear expectations with your teams

Working away from oversight assumes a certain level of trust. If you are a leader, establish a plan that communicates clear expectations, and if you are a member of a team request that of your leaders. Avoid going too far down a path without clarity. This will help ultimately avoid unnecessary waste.

Take breaks and rest your eyes

If you are transitioning from an office environment to more remote work you are likely used to the water cooler breaks. These are good breaks for a variety of reasons and equivalent options should be built into daily routines in a work remote environment as well. Take a quick walk, grab a snack, or just take some time not staring at a computer. Position your desk or workspace near a window and take breaks to gaze out the window. Hear from our CEO in this video with more on this topic and few others we have coming up.

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