9 Tips for Spring Cleaning at Work

It's the beginning of spring and with that comes spring cleaning. While many of us spring clean our homes or yards, have you ever considered spring cleaning at work? Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

  1. Review your 2018 business plan. You may have gone into the new year recharged and ready to hit the ground running but have veered off course. Spring is a great time to review your 2018 goals, to evaluate your progress and to get things back on track.
  2. Dust off your company's mission statement. Does your mission statement serve as a guide for your company's day-to-day operations and as the foundation for decision-making? If you must search through your document archives to find your mission statement, then it may need updating. Ideally, your mission statement should reflect your company's purpose and reason for existing.
  3. Update your website. Your company's website could be the most important marketing tool you have. Review your website with fresh eyes. Does it explain what you do and how you can help your customers? Is there copy on your site that could be rewritten to sound better and more accurately reflect the services you provide? Is your website easy to navigate? Is your contact information easy to find? Editing your website doesn't have to be a huge endeavor. Even the simplest of updates can make a huge impact!
  4. Organize your emails.The average worker now sends and receives 121 emails a day, and it's not uncommon for CEOs and managers to receive hundreds of emails a day, according to a recent report by the Radicati Group. If the number of emails in your inbox looks like a zip code, there's no better time than now to get it under control. Clear an afternoon, down some caffeine, and go to it. A management system that grew into something of a social movement, "inbox zero" is the quest to have no unread messages. The brainchild of productivity blogger Merlin Mann, it has faced its share of criticism because in the wrong hands, the technique that should save time, can become an obsession. Even if few of us will be able to truly achieve inbox zero, Mann's approach could still be helpful. He says you have a five-fold choice when faced with a new message: delete, delegate, respond, defer, or do. This effectively turns your inbox into a to-do list, involving hard choices about how to prioritize and get things done effectively. Mann recommends dedicating time each day to go through your email.
  5. Sharpen your tools/skills. Spring is a great time to improve or learn new skills that could help you advance in your career or improve work efficiency.
  6. Back up your computer. We all know we should be doing this regularly but, so few people do. Save to the cloud, buy an external hard drive or use a service to back up your files.
  7. Clean your office. Literally. A clean office is truly a healthier office. Cut back on nasty allergens in your office. Vacuum the dust bunnies from behind the printer. Change the air filters. Clean the blinds. If you don't want to do it yourself, then hire a service.
  8. Lend a hand and enjoy the great outdoors. Consider volunteering with one of the numerous nonprofits in our community. If you're craving sunshine, there are plenty of outdoor volunteer opportunities. Pull together a group to pull weeds and plant flowers at a local school or build a house through the Habitat for Humanity program.
  9. Book a vacation. Getting away from the office can be good for your mental and physical health, boost creativity and improve your productivity. So, don't delay, book your vacation today.
This month's Insight is provided by Management Solutions communications consultant Bridget Correll Waller. Bridget has more than 25 years of proven experience in public, media, community and government relations; crisis management and business development.

For insight on how to best utilize all the tools in your communication toolbox,  check out Bridget's article below. 

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