Data Analytics/Business Intelligence

We provide intelligent visibility for companies into key project metrics.

Executives and agency leaders spend considerable time developing strategic business plans for their organizations to follow.  Once execution of the plans begin, it is essential for these leaders to have access to key data metrics in a timely manner to help them evaluate performance against plan. By having effective Dashboards, leaders can see performance against plan using actual, real-time results.

Management Solutions works with our clients to deliver cost-effective Dashboards and Business Intelligence solutions that provide visibility into key performance metrics across their projects and organizations. We emphasize solutions that fit our clients’ processes, provide accurate results, and are attractive and user-friendly.

Examples of our work

We have extensive experience building Dashboards and Business Intelligence solutions for our clients.  Recent projects include:

  • Building a Dashboard measuring time and cost metrics for a power industry client on an environmental remediation project
  • Providing a Dashboard to a Department of Defense agency for remediation on Army Ammunition plant
  • Designing and implementing of a comprehensive Predictive Indicator Dashboard for a Department of Defense agency


We take a highly disciplined approach, focused on executing the right tasks, at the right time, to deliver the right returns.


  • Army Site Restoration

    The Challenge: Our client was Department of Defense agency responsible for managing a restoration program at an army facility. Once work began at the site, the client quickly recognized that interference from other site contractors was causing schedule delays and increasing overall costs of the work. These interferences did not allow for effective coordination of…

  • Predictive Indicator Dashboard

    The Challenge: Our client was division a Department of Defense agency responsible for managing a wide portfolio of projects across their geographic territory. The client needed the ability to more effectively monitor the health of the projects within the territory, both at a summary level for leadership and at a more detailed level for the project…

Core Competencies