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Content Integration for Learning Systems

The Challenge

The client is an organization within a physician’s services company that was approved as a registry to report for the MIPS (Merit Based Incentive Payment System) Program. The client was responsible for developing a reporting strategy to report for an estimated 18,000 clinicians. Our client did not have consistent communication and learning approaches for the clinicians to educate them on the MIPS program. Management Solutions was tasked with resolving this problem.

The Solution

Management Solutions worked with the client to develop and deploy multiple web-based learning tools in the client’s existing learning management system. Management Solutions integrated content from the learning management system with the client’s clinician web portal designed specifically for the purposes of the MIPS program.

The Outcome

  • The integration of this content positively influenced clinician engagement.
  • Was further enhanced by implementing event-based notifications and clinician content tracking.

Impact Stories

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