February Book of the Month

The Gatekeepers
How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency
Author: Chris Whipple

Often referred to as "the gatekeepers," a President's chief of staff has tremendous influence and responsibility. A chief of staff has the power to literally make or break an Administration. In "The Gatekeepers," the author examines eight presidents and correlates their successes and failures with the quality of their chiefs of staff.

He looks at the emotional intelligence of the chiefs of staff, their ability to collaborate with team members, to get people to follow them and to be able to prioritize and know what needs to be pushed up to the President and what needs to be handled at a lower level.

Why should you read, "The Gatekeepers?"

This is a great read for leaders of all levels, particularly going into a new year. It really challenges you as a leader to understand the importance of the people you have in place managing your teams.  You're only as effective as the management structure you have in place.

As a leader, our opportunity for success increases greatly when you're focused on the things you should be focusing on. The book also looks at the importance of having an effective team in place that can manage the tactical day-to-day operational tasks to allow you the time you need to focus on the strategic aspects of running a business or a project.


What are you reading? Each month in 2018, we'll review a book that a member of our team or a client recommends because of its positive impact.  This month's book, "The Gatekeepers" is one of Misty Mayes' recent favorites. If you have a book that you'd like to recommend as one of our Books of the Month, please email us and let us know.

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