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Core Competencies

Management Solutions LLC creates customized, data-informed solutions that deliver measurable, sustainable, positive impact for government clients by providing:

  • Project strategy, delivery, and implementation

  • Environmental services

  • Clean energy program management

  • Organizational maturity solutions, project personnel training and advisory services

  • Facilities, operations, and administrative management

  • Construction management services

  • Managed >$10B in projects, with unique expertise in regulatorily complex, nuclear, and mission-critical defense projects

  • Projects in 24 States & UK

  • Worked in 8 out of 10 DOE National Labs

  • Proprietary workforce development solution, including: Project360™ maturity assessment, ELITE Practicum, and Human Capital Dashboard

  •  Implemented solutions enabling government healthcare client to avoid >$25M fines annually

Past Performance

Project Strategy, Delivery, and Implementation

8(a) EDWOSB through 2027 


CAGE code: 3CNF4

 DUNS: 123686912 

GSA Contract: 447QTCA18D000H

SINs: 541330ENG, 5415HEAL, 541611, 611430, OLM

NAICS: 541611, 518210, 541330, 541511, 541519, 541618, 541620, 541690, 541990, 561110, 561210, 561320, 561990, 611430, 236220, 237310, 237990

SCMC Honeywell WS180126 


Company Data

Clean Energy Program Management

  • Provides project controls, project management, change management, and process improvement services to DOE clients in the area of nuclear security. Through process improvement efforts, Management Solutions assisted the client in the deployment of a formal outage process and outage management tool that resolved $1.6 million of waste.

  • Delivers Project Management System Development, Implementation, EVMS Maintenance and EVMS Training, & Staff Augmentation for DOE laboratories.

  • Provides comprehensive project controls services including project scheduling, EVM System Architecture Schema, EVMS Implementation Guidelines Tailoring Matrix developed from NDIA/EIA 748D scalability guide, change management planning, benchmarking whitepaper, detailed stakeholder analysis.

  • Planned, conducted, and documented EVMS surveillance for DOE physics research laboratory; Ensured that procedures and documentation complied with EIA 748D requirements and data was reliable; Assessed implementation of corrective actions to sustain compliance.

  • Provided EVMS, estimating, scheduling, and risk subject matter experts with significant DOE experience to perform a Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) Readiness Assessment and produce guidance and plans for compliance. Work required significant experience with Capital Line-Item project planning related to fulfilling DOE Orders, Guides, Handbooks, and other resources for a project greater than $100M; Provided guidance and support for the risk based, data driven continual surveillance of the EVMS and its associated procedures and processes, and to assure the project PMB and associated risk and cost processes and documents are ready for Critical Decision (CD) 2/3.

Environmental Services

  • Prepared Eligibility (FDE) documents for 137 Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) in support of an audit of program completeness. Performed a Data Gap Analysis; database and archive research and prepared FDE contract submittals for 137 sites in eight (8) geographical districts; prepared monthly progress reports; ensured stakeholder engagement.

  • Performs environmental groundwater sampling and monitoring to advance the site toward closure; Prepared an optimization study work plan and optimization study fieldwork; monitors well abandonment; conducts vapor intrusion study; enhanced monitored natural attenuation (MNA) injections/targeted performance monitoring; preparation of one site closure document.

  • Awarded a five-year, $192M Support Services contract to support the review and monitoring of large-scale, clean energy demonstration projects; Provides programmatic support to DOE Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) Headquarters and third-party advisors.

Facilities, Operations, and Administrative Support Services

  • Provides project management and environmental compliance expertise to deal with issues  that could slow the progress of modernization and significantly impact its cost

  • Provides Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance (FOAM) Support Services with tasks including architectural & structural systems maintenance, preventative maintenance, computer aided design (CAD), construction estimation and more.

Organizational Maturity Solutions, Project Personnel Training and Advisory Services

  • Assessing and training >100 personnel using our turnkey project personnel development solution, including our proprietary Project360™ assessment, Human Capital Dashboard™, and ELITE™ Practicum case study; developing sitewide IP2M maturity model. Improved retention, decreased footprint, and enabled M&O to recruit locally.

  • Assessed and trained >100 new and experienced nuclear security project personnel using our proprietary Project360TM and ELITETM Practicum assessment and curriculum

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