Choose your path at Management Solutions, LLC. There are many opportunities for our team members to become subject matter experts/technical leads, client engagement managers, or supporting our firm’s operations. We will partner with you to develop your career where your interests lie. Every team member at Management Solutions, LLC is an integral part to our success.

We invest heavily in support and training for all of our team members. TRAINING is something we take very seriously. Every single one of our employees has an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that includes opportunities and expectations for growth that are specific to that person. It's important for us to be subject matter experts, so we have to be continually learning. We have to understand what's going on in our industry, where the industry is moving and we have to be proactive on the front end of that.

We provide our team members time for their continual education and continual improvement in their respected areas of expertise. Corporately, we have a web-based partner that provides more than 300 classes on Leadership, Project and Program Management, and IT capabilities. They can go out there and do that training anytime they want to, right at the comfort of their own desk.

Additionally, we offer on a bi-weekly basis, internal Lunch and Learns. These are opportunities where our team members use their skillsets, their expertise, their backgrounds to present on a topic that we feel would be beneficial to our other staff members, so they can develop that skillset and, more importantly, take that capability and add value to their clients.

We also recognize the importance of being out in industry. Our team members present papers at conferences. We're out there with the leading experts in our perspective fields, whether that's in the health care world, the EVMS world or the project management world. Team members are not just there to learn, they're also there to bring back important information, from a corporate perspective, on how we're doing compared to the industry so we can continue to learn, to improve and to grow individually and as a company.

Management Solutions, LLC has a world-class training center at our corporate office. We offer a wide range of project management courses to our clients and community in which our team members are encouraged to attend.


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