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Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Remediation Program Management

The Challenge

Our client was a consulting firm tasked with managing the remediation of multiple Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) sites for a third party end customer. The end customer required the consultant to coordinate and keep track of thousands of contractor activities that were occurring in various sites and various stages of each site’s project clean-up completion.

The Solution

Management Solutions partnered with the client and third party to understand the scope and activities associated with the remediation effort. Our professional team coordinated with the client the key metric and design specifications for a digital dashboard that would encompass the entire program scope. Utilizing Primavera, Management Solutions developed baseline project schedules for each MGP site, as well as an online dashboard tool that allowed the client to keep current on the status of both individual projects and the overall program. Weekly and monthly schedule updates were performed, which was the tool that the client used to monitor that the project remained within budget and schedule parameters.

The Outcome

  • The project schedule and digital dashboard brought visibility and transparency to a very complex program and proved to be useful tools for quick and timely communication among the project’s stakeholders
  • MSLLC achieved and met the expectations for this client through our streamlined approach to consulting, internal processes, and the appropriate level of staffing

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