Microsoft Teams fosters collaboration across miles

Microsoft Teams was launched a year ago and is a great tool for collaborating on initiatives where contributors are geographically dispersed. If you've ever used Slack, then Microsoft Teams will be a familiar concept to you.

Microsoft Teams combines the workplace messaging features of Skype for Business with the file sharing, editing, and management functionality of Sharepoint. Like Slack, Teams allows you to create communication "channels" within your team to allow for organizing chats by topic. While chatting on a Teams' channel, users can start an impromptu meeting (including video and audio) with other team members or share files in the channel and collaborate on edits in realtime. Teams also plays nicely with a variety of apps that you can plug into your team's channels - apps like Trello, Wiki, GitHub, Jira Cloud, Bitbucket and many others.

If your company is using one of Microsoft's Office 365 business platforms, then you've already got what you need to start using Teams. Just login with your Office 365 account and invite others with a 365 account to join your team.

For more info on Microsoft Teams, visit their website:

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