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Our Leadership
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Misty Mayes
PMP, CLSS, CCMP, Founder and CEO

Misty D. Mayes is an entrepreneur who has successfully launched ventures across the engineering, construction, healthcare, and the education sectors. Mayes is the founder and CEO of Management Solutions (MSLLC), a boutique consulting firm specializing in project strategy, delivery, and execution, serving customers in the government and private sector in the United States and Europe.

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Gregory M. Grim
DoD Business Development Lead

Greg Grim has more than 30 years of experience providing technical and management services to the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) that includes the acquisition, management and performance of environmental, training, and range projects. During the past 30 years (which includes 10 years working directly for the USACE and 20 years as a leading business development and project management professional for large and small businesses), he has been the Program Manager for more than 300 successfully completed task orders valued at more than $150 million.

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Scott Major
CCMP, PMP, CLSS, Director of Project Management and Controls Practices

Scott Major has over 18 years of project management and engineering experience that spans across manufacturing, traditional engineering, large construction, research, and healthcare industries. His experience includes government clients like the Department of Energy and US Army Corps of Engineers, but also includes commercial clients like TeamHealth and numerous construction firms.


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Chris Cobb
Corporate Controller

Chris Cobb, Corporate Controller, has a wide-ranging background in finance dating back to 2003 with expertise in accounting, reporting, and management.  With prior experience as a finance director, controller, and VP, Cobb is skilled at implementing efficient accounting and financial systems, while strengthening internal controls.


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Holly Young
SHRM-CP, People Manager

Holly Young, People Manager, has a broad range of experience spanning back to 1997 in client service management, sales, and human resources.  She obtained her SHRM-CP in 2018.  Within the Human Resources function, Holly has experience as Human Resources Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager and Learning and Development Manager.  She previously built a successful HR department from the ground up. 

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Blake Mayes
JD, MSc, Chief Strategy Officer

Blake is the Chief Strategy Officer at Management Solutions. In this role, Blake is responsible for leading the development and execution of MSLLC’s corporate growth strategy. Blake joined MSLLC from Bain & Company and has previously served in government on the United States Senate Judiciary Committee. Blake began his career as a Fellow at the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation. Blake holds a J.D. from Stanford Law School, an MSc in Finance from the University of St. Andrews (UK), where he was a Bobby Jones Scholar, and a BA from Emory University, where he was a Robert W. Woodruff Scholar.

Leveraging our collective talent to make a change in the world

Margaret (Peg) Melberg
CPCM, PMP, CRM, Contracts Director

Peg is a senior-level executive, with 25+ years of multi-disciplined experience across Federal and commercial sectors. Prior to joining Management Solutions, Peg owned her own consulting company, serving small, medium, and large businesses by developing  “right-sized” solutions for business. She also provided business development and analysis support for companies in the public and private sectors. Her capture and proposal management experience encompasses opportunities ranging from $1M to $3.8B. Prior to starting her own company, she served as a Director for the US Department of Energy’s Naval Petroleum Reserves 1 and 2. In this role she managed a $180M budget and served as a Contracting Officer’s Representative for 20+ contracts, managing all aspects of the acquisition lifecycle.

Team Profiles
Eddie Washington
PMP, Project Manager

What do you like about working for Management Solutions?

Working for Management Solutions has been a great opportunity because every day I work with subject matter experts who have all been so welcoming and kind. Additionally, I have really enjoyed working on fast paced projects where I have been able to see the fruits of my labor. It has been a very busy few months, but every day has been gratifying.


What are some types of problems you solve?

From a process standpoint, I love going into situations where there is a lot of ambiguity and I have to set up systems from the ground up to solve the problem. The key to solving problems like this is to first know what the end state is and work backwards from there. From a people perspective, I love getting to know my team, identifying their strengths, and putting them in roles where they thrive. Not everyone is cut out for every job, but if you take the time to get to know your team and give them the latitude to succeed, they will impress you.


What does work/life balance look like to you?

I think it is very easy to let yourself get inundated with work and let it take over your entire life, so you absolutely must prioritize the time you have with friends and family and make that time sacred. In the past, I have let work take over my life, and I have even worked so much that it affected my physical health. However, as I have gotten older, I have learned to pace myself. After being away for so long in the military, I vowed to protect the time off I have with my wife. Now I start every day with an actionable list of things I know I can accomplish, and I attack that list with 100 percent focus from the moment I walk through the door until the moment I leave work. When I am home, I like to unplug completely and disconnect from work. There is no such thing as a life-or-death when it comes to this job, and I think it is extremely important to frame things that way.   If you have the right systems set up, there should rarely ever be a time when an issue can’t be resolved in the morning.

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Nathaniel Sexton
BE, Project Controls Analyst

What do you like about working for Management Solutions?

I like that Management Solutions is always striving to be the best in the industry at anything we do while providing real value to our clients. It is elevating to work at a place where everyone I work with is the best at what they do because it forces me to continuously reflect, improve and innovate. The upper levels of the organization do a great job of giving us creative freedom to solve problems at the project level which allows us to truly utilize our unique skillsets while staying agile to client needs.


What are some types of problems you solve?

I solve problems in a variety of different industries whether that be construction, project controls, or IT/data analytics. Each one requires a different skill set and that is what makes my job exciting! I like creating things and coming up with solutions that have not been done before regardless of what industry it is in.


What does work/life balance look like to you?

To me, work life balance means that the company I work for respects that everyone in the company has a duality of being an employee and being a person. When one of those aspects starts to dominate the other, the other will suffer.

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Sydney Hogston
MHA, Project Manager II

What do you like about working for Management Solutions?

The values and principles that were mentioned in my bio have been a major reason that I continue my career with Management Solutions. Management Solutions focuses on the core values of integrity & trust, passion, serving others and the community, accountability, and a balanced perspective. Also, Management Solutions takes the extra time to focus on the growth of their employees in the career path that they desire. From every level of the company, it is an open-door policy to help and care for their employees.


What are some types of problems you solve?

Many times within organizations, the employees are working hard to do their best to accomplish their jobs, however often the processes are not standardized, sustainable or efficient which makes their jobs very difficult and frustrating. My passion is to help the front-line workers solve these problems through process improvement principles to resolve pain points and standardize processes to make their jobs easier and more efficient. I also take pride in managing and implementing projects through execution to ensure its implementation follows the same principles.


What does work/life balance look like to you?

How does the saying go… Work hard, play hard? This is the way I spend the balance of my day. Management Solutions sets a high expectation that we exceed the clients’ expectations no matter the ask. I focus to do this every day but when my workday ends, I spend my time enjoying family, friends, the outdoors, and sports. Management Solutions values work/life balance which shows their focus on the happiness of their employees.

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