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Unlocking Potential: Empowering Growth through Organizational Maturity Solutions


Organizational Maturity Solutions

Through our subsidiary company Project Controls Solutions, we provide organizational maturity solutions, including project personnel assessment, training, and advisory services. We partner with clients to customize the training based upon their unique needs. For clients needing immediate support on their projects, or clients who may need temporary support while we recruit and train their permanent staff, Project Controls Solutions provides holistically trained project controllers ready to make an immediate impact on clients’ projects.

For more information on how Management Solutions can help with Organizational Maturity Solutions, contact Blake Mayes,

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Project360™ Assessment Tool

Our proprietary assessment tool Project360™ measures each individual's project controls knowledge and experience holistically across 25 different technical, contextual, and behavioral project controls competencies. This enables Project Controls Solutions to partner with clients to create a customized training program tailored to their unique needs, and it enables our clients to measure their employees’ progress throughout our programs.

Practical, Case-based Project Training

We offer stackable professional development courses to upskill new and experienced project controls professionals. Each module includes both instruction as well as group case studies to allow students to apply the project controls techniques they are learning to a simulated project. Our programs are flexible, with several alternative delivery models to make sure your organization is able to maintain billability goals and/or project support.

Project Personnel Management Hub

We create a centralized hub for an organization's human capital development. By providing visibility into division, group, and individual competencies, as well as development priorities, we prevent an organization from misalllocating resources. Our goal is to deliver a complete end-to-end human capital solution, enabling clients to focus on project excellence.

Customized Curriculum Development & Advisory Services

We provide  recruiting and training modules for project controls professionals, and partner with clients to customize the training based upon their unique needs.

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