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Software Execution & Business Process Integration

The Challenge

The client acquired anesthesia services across the United States and needed to consolidate the scheduling, clinician time-keeping, and payroll processes from the various solutions for over 1,200 clinicians to a single best practice. The client secured a software product and began implementation efforts. Once the implementation was behind schedule, over budget, and experienced significant scope creep, Management Solutions, LLC was called in to get the project back on track. The vendor also needed assistance to increase user adoption as the solution was changing existing workflows and resetting expectations.

The Solution

Management Solutions implemented a vendor management and change control process to eliminate scope creep, bringing the project back on schedule and budget. We learned the software application to bridge the gap between vendor and customer, translating customer needs into vendor software application solutions. Thus we identified and reduced user concerns through close work with the client, improving adoption of the new software.

The Outcome

  • Completed project deliverables, including bringing project back on schedule and budget. 
  • Created standard operating procedures/processes that the customer and software vendor could use after project was complete.

Impact Stories

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