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Workflow Optimization to Improve Care Continuity

The Challenge

Our client was a healthcare services company that owned and operated 15+ hospitals across Tennessee.  Ideally, when patients need to transfer from one hospital to another, they would choose a hospital within our client’s referral network.  However, many patients were being transferred to other hospitals.  Our client started using the vendor transfer center to address this issue, but still experienced a 30% “leakage” of patients. This resulted in an annual revenue loss of more than $15 million dollars.   Management Solutions was tasked with determining the root cause of the patient “leakage” and optimizing the patient transfer process.

The Solution

Management Solutions analyzed the current state for patient transfer, identified the root causes, and developed a future state plan. We applied standard process improvement methodologies to “lean” the process and significantly reduce the patient “leakage”. We also developed tools that gave the client visibility into their complex patient transfer process; to better monitor this process.

The Outcome

  • Significant patient leakage reduction and improved patient care continuity by maintaining engagement between their patients and their care team
  • Increase annual revenue due to prompt recovery of millions of dollars

Impact Stories

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