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Case Study: Transforming Data Management for a Federal Agency


The client embarked on a bold mission that required it to collect a significant amount of data from other entities. As it collected data, it became clear that its current system for data collection and aggregation was inadequate. The system did not require that data be entered in a systematic manner (i.e., different entrants may enter quantitative vs. qualitative data), and the system was unable to accommodate changes over time. In addition, the client’s tool had no way of storing updates to the data over time and could not maintain historical versions of the data.


These challenges prevented the client from having a reliable single source of truth to turn to for data and analysis. Employees were developing numerous ad hoc spreadsheets in an effort to keep up with the evolving data. As entries into the tool evolved, the updated data would be maintained in the separate spreadsheets, with a lack of clarity around which spreadsheet was most accurate – creating significant risk that team members could be analyzing the same dataset and yet be using very different sets of figures.


The client ultimately approached Management Solutions, LLC (MSLLC) for help to develop a data repository that would be the single source of truth for updating, accessing, and analyzing data.



MSLLC deployed its Data & Analytics team to assist the client in this important initiative. The team took a structured approach to understand the problem, design a solution, and deliver the product. While much of the data was maintained in the current tool the group used, it became clear there were additional datasets that needed to be consolidated to provide a more accurate and complete picture. From here, the team worked with key stakeholders to gather requirements for what an ideal system design would be to house a single source of truth. The team sought to understand the application’s core purpose, the capabilities of the client, and the restrictions within their environment. Once MSLLC understood the requirements and use cases for the data, the team identified potential approaches to meet the client’s needs, working closely with the client to make an informed decision on the tools that were best suited for their needs, taking several factors into consideration, including procurement, user comfort, security requirements, and permissions. The MSLLC team then developed a detailed plan articulating the full approach, including a data model and map, workflows, and timeline. Once the approach and considerations were aligned with the client, the MSLLC team built out the system.



MSLLC delivered the client a comprehensive data repository, with key features that made it more flexible and valuable. First, the repository allowed for data updates while tracking historical entries – as understanding of data evolved, these entries could be updated without altering the historical integrity of the data. In addition, the custom tool enabled seamless updates of data, giving users an intuitive and easy tool for updating fields that required minimal effort. Second, the repository became a single source of truth for the client, reducing confusion on the reliability and accuracy of the data and driving significant efficiency.


The client is now able to bring thousands of data points into a single location that allows for real-time updates. This automated approach continues to save hours of manual labor, allowing the staff to invest its time in more value-added activities. Beyond accessing data for analysis, the team built powerful visual dashboards on top of the data repository. This provided the client with effective and efficient views of the data, allowing users to compare data across categories and make informed decisions without sifting through thousands of data entries. The result is a streamlined tool with significant efficiency for increased bandwidth across the full team.


"MSLLC has been a crucial partner in helping us streamline a multi-billion-dollar government organization. This was a unique challenge. The organization was relatively young, creating the exciting energy of a start up, paired with all the bureaucracy and regulation of a government institution, which MSLLC navigated well. Their bias for action helped us avoid slowdowns, and their knowledge and technical expertise was indispensable.  We loved working with them because they were discerning, responsive, and most of all personable."

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