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Why join our team?

Make an impact.

Envision the possibilities

As a boutique consulting firm delivering industry-leading project management services on some of the world’s most complex projects for government and commercial clients, Management Solutions is always looking for strong talent to join our team.


At our core, we understand that the key component that underlies everything in business is the people. Great companies cannot be successful without them. We look for technically skilled achievers who think critically, love to solve problems, and are passionate about pursuing comprehensive excellence in their lives. We hire intelligent, forward-thinking leaders who like to learn, grow and be one step ahead in everything they do.


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Why join our team?
Our values.
Meaningful work

Deliver data-driven solutions for sophisticated clients with mission-critical projects in public safety, health, and national defense.

Challenging projects

Work on a small team at a growing firm where you interact directly with clients and have the freedom to own and grow accounts.

Committed to your success
Caring culture
Flexible schedule

We invest in our people by prioritizing professional development with training and opportunities for professional certifications.

We promote and encourage a culture of well-being and mindfulness that benefits both the individual and the organization.

When feasible, we offer opportunities for flex schedules, part-time employment, and remote working.


We adhere to an ethical code that emphasizes respect, honesty, confidentiality, and attention to detail.

We promote excellence in all we do, and have a fighting spirit to compete, persevere, succeed, and win.

Servant's Heart

We put service before self, not only with proactive customer service but by bettering the communities we live in.


We don’t make excuses, we take responsibility – the ‘buck stops here.’ We are pro-active, not reactive.

Balanced perspective

We want you to enjoy your work, have fun, and make a difference. We’re focused, but we maintain life balance.We ensure open communication, so you are heard and valued.

Looking to grow?

 At Management Solutions, being an active and genuine team member is essential for personal and professional growth. Many opportunities exist for our staff to be part of a team, whether it is helping execute a client deliverable or collaborating on an internal corporate initiative. By working in collaborative teams, our professional staff can learn from one another and grow individual capabilities.

Choose your path.

Choose your path at Management Solutions. There are many opportunities for our team members to become subject matter experts/technical leads, client engagement managers, or supporting our firm’s operations. We will partner with you to develop your career where your interests lie. Every team member at Management Solutions is an integral part of our success.

Veteran Hiring

Management Solutions is committed to veteran and military spouse hiring. We are actively recruiting former and transitioning members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, and Coast Guard. Veterans thrive at Management Solutions because it’s a place where they can apply their commitment to mission success and expertise to support the U.S. government in new, meaningful ways.

We hire veterans with specialized skill sets as well as generalists with experience leading diverse teams and delivering complex projects. Management Solutions strives to create opportunities for veterans to continue growing, both personally and professionally.

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