Meet Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset

Our people are the company’s greatest asset and the cornerstone of Management Solutions. They are smart, driven, and passionate about executing positive change for our clients. Though viewed as experts, they continually strive to learn and improve.

To hire the best people, we invest significant resources in vetting potential team members. Candidates are evaluated both on competency and cultural fit. We look for technically skilled achievers who think critically, love to solve problems, and are passionate about pursuing comprehensive excellence in their lives.

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  • Kelly C.

    Employee Since 2015
    Senior Project Manager, Knoxville, Tennessee

    I chose MSLLC as an employer because I believed my skills and talents aligned with MSLLC’s mission and vision and I hoped to contribute to and be a part of MSLLC’s success. I enjoy working at MSLLC because of the people that go the extra mile to make MSLLC a desirable place to work”.

  • Adam K.

    Employee Since 2016
    Process Analyst, Knoxville, Tennessee

    I chose to come work at MSLLC because of the company culture and work opportunities. Everyday I have the opportunity to broaden my professional skillset while working with some of the brightest people in our industry”.

  • Nadine B.

    Employee Since 2017
    Marketing Coordinator, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

    “It is always encouraging to watch women grow and succeed in the business world.  With MSLLC being a woman-owned business I am able to surround myself with passionate individuals who I can learn from on a continual basis.  MSLLC is heavily involved in the community and that speaks volumes. It shows that passion takes victory, and that money is not the only driving factor that determines the course of the business.”